Aviation Applications Ltd. (AAL) Terms and Conditions of Business

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The following terms and conditions apply to the provision by Aviation Applications Ltd (AAL) to Users of access to the AutoLog Service, whether the User has purchased the Service directly from AAL or an AAL appointed Re-Seller.

We believe these Terms are clear and fair. If there is anything that you want to check, contact your Supplier.

Agreement is these Terms of Business together with pricing and any other terms agreed in writing between us.
Service is the AutoLog Service by which Users and Associated Parties are able to download flight records for their aircraft via the internet including the supply of AutoLog-FM and AutoLog application.
Supplier is either AAL or an AAL appointed Re-seller of the Service.
User is the person or other entity paying for the Service.
Associated Parties are parties other than User who User authorise AAL to provide access User’s flight records.

To order the Service User must provide the Supplier with Delivery and Service Details and pay the Fixed Charge for the current month. By providing their Delivery and Service Details user accepts these Terms.

AAL will promptly deliver the AutoLog-FM unit to User and configure the Service according to the details provided by User. AAL will not change the configuration without the authorisation of the User.

As part of the Service, the AAL will provide User with the removable AutoLog-FM unit for use in a single specified aircraft, together with a power connector and antenna. User is responsible for wiring the connector to a suitable protected 12-24V power supply that is controlled by the aircraft Master Power switch, locating the AutoLog-FM unit in a safe secure location within the aircraft and mounting the antenna in a suitable position to receive GPS signals.

AAL recommends that connection to the power supply and installation of the antenna is carried out by a qualified engineer in accordance with an approved Minor Modification for the aircraft concerned.

AAL will provide installation guidance but accepts no responsibility for the installation and accepts no liability for any consequences relating the installation or operation of AutoLog-FM, the power supply or antenna.

AAL will replace free of charge a faulty AutoLog-FM at any time prior to termination of this Agreement on receipt by AAL of the faulty unit excluding power connector and antenna.

User Application
AAL will provide a free licence AutoLog PC application to User with installation, registration and user instructions.

Payment for the Service is made up of:

Invoices will be submitted by email and must be settled within 14 days of invoice date.

Termination and Suspension
User may terminate the Agreement at any time by returning postage-paid the AutoLog-FM including power connector and antenna to Supplier. Payment of the Fixed Charge will be due for the month in which the returned unit is received by AAL together with any outstanding flight charges.

AAL may suspend the Service at any time if User fails to make a payment when it is due. User will continue to be charged and must continue to pay for the Service throughout any period of suspension. Records of flights taking place whilst the Service is suspended will not be recorded.

AAL may terminate the Agreement by giving a minimum of 30 days notice to the User.
Service Level
AAL will use reasonable skill and care to provide the Service. It is practically impossible to guarantee a totally fault free Service and AAL does not do so.

It is User’s responsibility to ensure that aircraft flight records are complete and accurate and AAL accepts no liability for any consequences of incomplete or inaccurate records for whatever reason.

If any part of the Agreement is found to be illegal or unenforceable by any relevant authority the remaining parts will not be affected.

Governing Law
The Agreement will be governed by and interpreted by English law.