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Automatic flight record distribution for GA aircraft. 

AviApps AutoLog provides internet access to flight log data for aircraft owners, operators and maintenance organisations to download to PC applications which produce tech log entries and flight invoices.

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AviApps AutoLog - Making manual inacurracies a thing of the past
Created for use by :
Flying Groups
Member Clubs
Commercial Flying Clubs
Aircraft Leasing Companies
Maintenance Organisations and CAMO's
Benefits for light aircraft operators, owners and engineers

  • Accurate flight times for invoicing.
  • Simple invoicing process immediately on aircraft's return.
  • Invoices can be emailed to members.
  • Flight records accessible by all administrative team.
  • Administrative functions may be carried out in multiple locations.
  • Aircraft, engine and propeller logs available in-house or to 3rd parties.
  • Records available to Owners, CAMO's, Engineering.
  • Location of aircraft at power off included in flight record.
  • Real time view of accurate aircraft hours simplifies administration.
  • Invoices can be e-mailed to operator.
  • Reduced administration paperwork
  • Location of aircraft at power off included in flight record.
Aircraft Maintenance Organisations and CAMO's
  • Real time view of aircraft hours helping you plan maintenance efficiently.
  • Accurate aircraft hours.
  • Reduced administration paperwork.
  • Print airframe, engine and propeller logs on custom labels for insertion into log books.
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How it works

Download "AutoLog-FM Aircraft Installation" Guide
Download "Getting Started with AviApps AutoLog" Guide

Installation guidance is provided for locating the AutoLog-FM module and its antenna in the aircraft. The only connection to the aircraft is a power supply for which an approved minor modification covering all ELA2 aircraft is available. AutoLog-FM automatically compiles timed flight data and at the end of each flight uploads this via the GSM mobile network to the AviApps central server.

Flight data is analysed and flight records detailing the Aircraft Registration, Flight ID, Date, Brakes-Off time, Take-off Time, Landing Time, Brakes-On time and Location at end of flight are recorded on the AviApps server. Each aircraft can be grouped with others for Operators, Owners and Maintenance organisations user groups. So, for instance, a flying group may registered as the operator of two aircraft, each of which is registered to a different maintenance organisation, along with other aircraft registered to different operators and all of which could be registered to different owners.

The AutoLog user application enables registered users and those they authorise to download records for their aircraft via the internet. Formatted Tech Log labels for insertion in Airframe, Engine and Propeller log books may be printed and flights invoiced. Pilots’ invoices may be generated and distributed by e-mail.


Pricing options ensure affordability for low and high activity aircraft with the basic AutoLog user application available FREE to all users.

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About Us

With our founders’ extensive and long standing backgrounds in electronics, aviation regulations and light aviation I.T. systems, Aviation Applications Ltd have come together to develop this groundbreaking new service.

Simplifying the process of capturing flight log records, generating flying invoices and maintenance record requirements.

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VR is an aviation and airworthiness consultancy and training organisation.

Former UK CAA airworthiness surveyors Malcolm McMillan and Tony Heather have many years of experience in aviation regulation.

Involvement ranges from oversight of approved organisations in the UK and worldwide to international rulemaking and joint authority committees.

Electro-Technik Systems have been in the business of developing and supporting electronic and software control and monitoring systems for industrial plants, complex machinery and nuclear power stations for 25 years.

Commitment to best practice design and manufacture ensures the accuracy and reliability required to deliver the AviApps service.

Cavok ltd has built a strong reputation in the light aviation industry for developing and supporting ground breaking pilot flying aids, flying school and aircraft maintenance IT systems under its QuDieM trade mark.

Working closely with their customers gives invaluable insight into the needs of light aviation businesses and the potential to streamline operational administration tasks.

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