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With over the 15 years experience CavOK has developed a continuous stream of ground breaking low cost flying school management software and flight computers for light aviation pilots and student pilots under its QuDieM trade mark. Our comprehensive flying club software is now well established and relied upon within many UK flying schools and is used daily to help administrate and manage aircraft, flights, invoices, members, training, instructors and club accounting requirements. While pilots are using our flight computers to calculate holding patterns and flight plans without the need for tedious mental arthimetic calculations in the cockpit.

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  • Members
  • Aircraft
  • Flights
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  • Accounting
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QuDieMGA flying school software is a low cost solution for any size of flying school or club. Available from as little as £30 per month and priced according to the number of aircraft.

Designed to address the management and administrative needs of flying clubs and schools it is as intuitive as possible to use for those working within the field.

Easy to install, and simple to use features such as Flight Log Entry and Invoice Processing. QuDieMGA can record the day to day operations of your flying club and provide valuable management information as well as easing the administrative workload of operating a flying school.

Designed with Flying Clubs For Flying Clubs
  • Flight and Shop Invoicing Streamlined
  • Administrative Workload Reduced
  • Timely Membership Renewals
  • Aircraft Utilisation Tracking
  • Accounting Reports
  • Management and Financial Information
Available from £30 per month for 4 Aircraft
A System to Suit your Needs and Budget
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Great for calculating a holding pattern and a flight plan while in the cockpit. The QuDieM QuikHold and QuDieM QuikPlan flight computers are designed specifically for their ease of use while flying. Light aviation pilots and student pilots will find the unique design enables the holding pattern computer and flight plan computer to be used quickly and simply without the need for tedious mental arithmatic.

CAMS Software

We have recently joined forces with VR Aviation Safety Partnership Ltd. to develop the Continuing Airworthiness Management System (CAMS). Specifically designed for aircraft below 5700kg MTOW but with all the functionality of a system designed for large aircraft. This database system is capable of managing aircraft compliance, records and planning.

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Having established and proven QuDieMGA Flying School software in the UK, CavOK is seeking to appoint national agents with which to develop worldwide markets.

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We pride ourselves on the high level of Help and Support» we provide our customers. We can help and guide you through the setup, implementation and ongoing use of our flying school software and Continuous air worthiness software. Our "Getting Started" user guide can be downloaded and will take you step by step through the initial setup process required to get you up and running. You can also download user guides» focusing on how to use the Members Accounts and Trial Lessons features of the system.

Latest News

September 2013...You can now download our comprehensive user guides for "Getting Started", "Members Accounts" and "Trial Lessons".